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Wedding ring engraving quotes latin

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So, as you can see from my ticker, my fiance engrxving I are getting married soon. Basically of the idea that God is the center of our marriage, as He has been through all of our 5 year relationship so far.

But googling these phrases has come up with. If you're familiar with the Traditional Latin Wedding ring engraving quotes latin, you could always flip through the missal until you find a phrase you wedding ring engraving quotes latin They're online too, and if you're not sure which words are which you could run individual ones through a translator until you've got the full phrase.

You probably should have a good priest look over the final choice before you engrave them My husband and I were married last November and we both had Nemo Nisi Mors inscribed on the inside of our wedding rings.

Love exists beyond death.

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And so my vote would be to dedicate your new family and household from its very beginnings on day 1 with that same dedication used for any church: Hic Domus Dei Est: A young burglar once broke into a little house on the hard side of town and pulled his sw mi cocktail hour on an elderly man, only to be calmly challenged by his elderly wife with those very same words: The young burglar actually did as he was told.

That elderly couple heard his story because they loved and reminded him that it was possible to care and to love. And so beyond romance, beyond endearments, beyond wedding ring engraving quotes latin, beyond death, and beyond all, I would nominate: Wedding ring engraving quotes latin, thanks for all your help.

Although if nothing else I do like the totus tuus, but in one other thread someone said that the female form so me speaking to my fiance would be tota tua, anyone know if that is correct?

You might want to try searching on this site which is dedicated to exploring short romantic latin phrases for engraving useage: I still think modern Italian sounds better than ancient Latin, but Latin is shorter and does wedding ring engraving quotes latin a definite timelessness single teachers dating it! Best of luck! Weddung would you get an engraving about a house on something that isn't a house?

Engravinv pretty silly to me. Nemo Nisi Mors Nothing but death shall part us is great and mirrors the wedding vows perfectly. You could either abbreviate it to Q.

The most popular options are, French, Italian and Latin since they are some of the most IDEAS FOR ENGRAVED WEDDING BANDS. Personalize your wedding rings with an engraved inscription. This list will give you ideas with a variety of options and styles. Having your wedding rings engraved could be the perfect solution. The most popular options are, French, Italian and Latin as they are some.

Nemo nisi mors means " no one except death. Also, there is no verb, so this phrase isn't really a complete thought.

If you want, I can ask one of my Latin professors to translate anything you want. However, I would double check anything I put on a ring. It's so easy to get things wrong in Latin.

That's why we Latin students are all a bit crazy. I think my last question got lost in all the posts, for a female rkng to a male, is the version of Totus Tuus, Tota Tua?

Latin phrase for wedidng band - Family Life - Catholic Answers Forums

I read that in one other thread on here but others have not mentioned it. I took Spanish in high school, so I realize that in many languages there are female wedding ring engraving quotes latin male ways of saying things.

I also have always loved the song Ubi Caritas, but that is kind of long, so I'm not sure about using it.

Traditionally, that did wedding ring engraving quotes latin mean they were constructing a building, but establishing themselves as a family, a household, irregardless of wherever they happened to reside. I did a double take on that one too But then I figured that the entire quotation must be just too long to fit on any one ring, and so one spouse probably got the first wedding ring engraving quotes latin Fingers are slender, but quotations can be long I like your ubi caritas idea much better.

The problem still remains that they sound like they are talking finland girls the god of death and not just death. Death will part us. While Ancient Romans did this all the time, it doesn't seem terribly Christian to me Besides, it begs for this translation: Yes, certainly it wouldn't specifically have to refer to the Naughty professional women "god of death" If she gave him a t-shirt that said tua, he would be wearing a distinctly and exclusively feminine identifying label… Is the engraving on the inside or the outside?

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Latin phrase for wedidng band Catholic Living. Family Life. BrokenFortress July 6,3: Anyone know Latin? Or even suggest other good phrases?

Thanks for any help!! Sunflake9 July 6,4: D That's such a sweet idea: Ooh yes! How about "Dei gratia"?

Wedding ring engraving quotes latin I Searching Nsa

It means, "by the grace of God". God bless your wedding and your marriage, Ruthie.

BrokenFortress July 7,4: First, thanks for all your help And secondly wow, just realized I misspelled wedding in my title. Another that would lattin good but probably is to long so you might need to shorten it is: GorgerCracker July 8,3: Nihil nisi mors nos separabit Nothing except death will part us.

Te semper amabo. I will always love you.

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Nunc scio quid sit amor. Now I know what love is!

BrokenFortress July 8,4: Thanks for the offer: Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est. Where charity and love are, there God is. GorgerCracker July 8,6: The views and opinions wedding ring engraving quotes latin in these forums do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Answers. For official apologetics resources please visit www.