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Last week, my younger sister accompanied our father to the doctor, and sent me a picture of his medical intake form.

She captioned it: My father has been black his whole life, but like This time around I hope latino black men he, and lots of other black Latinos. For almost 40 yearsthe U. Census Bureau has asked people blac, my father two questions about their race and ethnicity.

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Instead, in January, the U. There are obvious problems with this format.

Afro-Latina Amara La Negra Was Discouraged From Dating Black Men

However, latino black men is now the third-largest race group counted by the census, which suggests that we are undercounting Latinos in the United States. Latino is blaack a race, it is an ethnicity.

latino black men Race, on the other hand, is about how others see us. And although most social scientists agree that race is a social constructthey also contend that it does matter; our experiences are undeniably shaped by our race.

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Latinos can be of any race, and while they are all the same ethnicity, racial differences predict vastly unequal life experiences. In fact, black Latinos in the U.

These kinds of inequities among Latino black men extend throughout Latin America. Research in various Latin American countries — including Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia — shows that the lightest Latinos achieve the highest educational outcomes, and black Latinos the lowest. The underrepresentation of black Latinos in Spanish-language and English TV is particularly staggering.

As a result, combining the census question would obscure large racial differences within a vast ethnic group, and would mask the severe inequalities black Latinos face. Some of latino black men inequalities are reinforced by anti-blackness that lives in the Latino community, as well as outside of it.

My dad is one of those people. It is not surprising, then, that in the census, only 2.

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It is an attempt to join a category that they are often excluded. Latinos of all races carry with them the anti-black baggage that colonialism and slavery imposed upon.

Self-identification, however, tells latino black men little about how others see and treat Latinos.

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The data we collect should reflect these social outcomes. One way for the U. Census Bureau to more accurately measure racial inequality among Latinos would be to also ask about ascribed race — latinoo other people latino black men you are.

When my dad goes to the hospital or to the bank he is often mistaken for African-American, until latino black men begins to speak Spanish. As a result, his experiences are more like those of his African-American neighbors than those of his light-skin latiho.

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Of course, how we see ourselves is an important aspect of our identity, as it allows us to form friendships and join groups based on shared cultural traits. How people mark their race in the census and other latino black men forms has tremendous implications for our ability to track and combat blavk effects of discrimination.

Today, we are seeing an important resurgence of black pride in Latino communities, driven in part by public figures like Amara La NegraMiss Latjnoand beauty blogger MonicaStyleMuse. Instead of advocating for a change in the latino black men race and ethnicity question, we should encourage more Afro-Latinos to identify as latino black men, and to mark that as their race on the census.

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Young people like my sister and I are talking to our immigrant parents about Afro-Latinidad. We should continue to fight anti-blackness in and outside latino black men our communities, and do what it takes to ensure that the census collects accurate data about racial inequality among Latinos.

Black and Latino Men Read program uses contests to encourage picking up books - Los Angeles Times

Jomaira Salas Pujols is a sociology Ph. She studies race, education and student resistance.

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Join us at this year's Black and Latino Male Summit. The theme this year will be: Dismantling Barriers and Building Alliances Between Black & Latinx Men!. Black and Latino male high school students also have shown increased suicidal thoughts, according to youth survey data from the CDC. This is a list of people of Afro-Latino descent. An Afro-Latin American (also Afro- Latino) A simple definition of the term Afro-Latina (and/or Afro-Latino) is 'person of African descent whose origin comes from Latin America'. Also, it can be defined as 'a black person who comes from one of the Latin.

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