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I Am Searching Adult Dating How to say hello beautiful in romanian

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How to say hello beautiful in romanian

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I am seeking to serve with house cleaning, chores, possibly shopping, yard work, weekly to monthly. Not waiting for anything intense.

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Question about Romanian. How do you say this in Romanian? Hi beautiful. What are "disagrees"?

I said the phrase for a girl, i just wrote it how you say to a boy. I hope I helped enough and I will be able to help you more, I am glad that people from other regions heolo to learn romanian which is pretty lesbian chatting. Read more comments.

English UK Romanian. Can you pronounce it, please?

Sorry for the bad audio, just in case. I said it in a monotonous way If you want I will try help more, just write I said it thinking that you meant to say that to a girl, if you want to say to a boy you say: How do you say it to a girl??

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