Cooking Class Fall/Winter Schedule

 “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.”-Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


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Sunday, November 6th, 1:30pm-4pm

Is all Bread off the Table?

Long-fermented breads for the Gluten-Sensitive Taste


Guest Instructor and Professional Baker, Andrew Mayo will introduce sourdough breads that harness the power of traditional fermentation techniques to optimize taste and nutrition. 



Archaeological evidence shows that humans have been cultivating wheat as a storable source of nutrition for at least 10,000 years. In the past 100 years, the way the character of the plant and the way we prepare it have changed significantly through industrialization. In this class we will explore the cultural roots of wheat in the form of bread, and learn why modern baking processes contribute to growing concerns about wheat and our health. You will learn how to harness the ancient techniques of natural bread fermentation with a hands-on experience of baking with a “levain”, or sourdough starter. This traditional, “slow” process of baking bread has been shown to increase the digestibility and availability of nutrients of delicious whole grains, giving hope to some who are concerned about their tolerance of such foods. We will also explain the increasing variety of heritage wheat and other grains, using the technique of sprouting to further enhance nutrition.


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Registration closes on November 2nd for this class



Saturday, January 7th,  10am -1pm

Cooling the Flames of Inflammation the Mediterranean Way


Keeping your New Year’s Resolution Deliciously with the Mediterranean Diet!


The root of all diseases is inflammation. Numerous studies prove that the Mediterranean diet is a great way to turn down the flames.  One of the most exciting approaches is adopting an anti-inflammatory diet (like the Mediterranean way of eating) for managing or preventing pain and disease. This way of eating may reduce pain as you age as well as  controlling insulin and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and bone density.  Learn specific steps to get you started while we delve into the best plant based recipes from the healthiest region under the sun! This class will focus on the Mediterranean diet, but will include a few nontraditional elements, such as green tea, dark chocolate, bone broth, coconut and fermented soy foods.Picture a feast of  marinated lentil salad coupled with summer’s best preserved tomatoes kissed with lovely olive oil over the top and succulent greens with fresh herbs and a splash of lemon juice. Come and learn how delicious healthy eating can be.   Oh by the way, the picture above is of dairy free Mediterranean  Tzatziki and Lee will show you how to make it!
This class will focus on the Mediterranean centered diet and may offer optional dairy.

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Registration closes on December 30th for this class!



Mark Your 2017 Calendars for New Classes!

Registration begins by November 1st

January 21st, Saturday- Acupressure and Nutrition with Dr. Chen, Carolina Acupuncture

February 4th, Saturday- Lee’s Warming Winter Soups

February 12th, Sunday- Celebrate Valentines Day with your sweetheart at our Farm Brunch

March 11th, Saturday- Vegan for Beginners with Paige Dixon

March 18th, Saturday- Soap, Skin Creams and Soup with Alan Russo, Herbalist

A complete listing as well as registration for all classes to be posted soon!



What to Expect from a Class?

    • The goal is to de-mystify how to prepare sustainably grown produce, making it more approachable for the everyday cook who is searching for ways to create delicious meals with a healthy twist. 
    • Classes are upbeat and lively while focusing on the farm’s seasonal produce with delicious recipes that will inspire you to nourish your body in a very satisfying way.   You will learn a cornucopia of up-to-date information about the benefits of nutritional foods and helpful techniques that make healthy cooking lots of fun.

A farm tour with Lee’s husband, Larry,  shows how he builds healthy soil for healthy food; employs sustainable farm techniques for keeping weeds, insects, and disease at bay; and how buying locally and sustainably protects our environment and our health.




Regular  Cooking Classes Include

    • Sharing of Lee’s and/or our guest presenter’s expertise in the health benefits of the different foods, creative cooking tips, healthy living and very helpful cooking techniques.  You’ll receive great ideas for purchasing, storing, and preparing a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods with delectable, unique recipes.
    • A tasting of all of the dishes demonstrated  during class as well as refreshing and healthful beverages
    • All recipes and informational handouts  will be given to you in class.
    • The option to purchase, in advance, Peaceful River Farm sustainably grown produce to take home to make your own creations!
    • All of our classes are plant based, optional dairy and optional gluten free.  The recipes can be adjusted to accommodate other food sensitivities by informing Lee when you register or at least 2 weeks before class begins.
    •  An informative guided tour of the serene and inspirational Peaceful River Farm with Larry Newlin with lots of tips for your own garden.





  • Each cooking class listed below is $50 per person, unless otherwise stated. 
  • When available, you may also select a  produce box 5-6 items for an additional $20 payable with registration. 
  • Reservations for classes are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are non-refundable.  If you are unable to make it to class and your seat can be filled from the wait-list, I will gladly refund your money. If  your seat cannot be filled, you may send a substitute to take your place or choose another class of the same cost.
  • If a class that you have registered for is cancelled/postponed by Lee, you will have the option of 1) attending another class, 2) giving your space to another person or 3) receiving a refund.


  • Contact us by  email ,  or pay by credit card .  There is no registration form.  Your prompt payment will ensure you have a reserved seat.   Space is limited so please respond soon. You will receive driving directions (we are located on the Haw River in southern Orange county 20 minutes west of Chapel Hill) and more details about class a week prior to class. 


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What is a CSA share of Produce?

“Those vegetables could have made the pages of Southern Living. What a beautiful harvest. Thank you so much for providing not only delicious recipes but for a continuing extension of our horizons.”-M. Wood

If you choose a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share as a part of your experience, then you get to select a produce box  of 5-6 different items of just-harvested, beautiful Peaceful River Farm produce for  $20.00.  Your selection should be paid when registering for class.



The best way to stay motivated and inspired to eat healthfully is to cook your own food !” LN

Read a comment from one of our students:

“I wanted to send a special thank you for the delightful culinary and health adventure you provided at your beautiful Peaceful River Farm. The food was scrumptious and loaded with nutritional value! The cooking lessons were brimming with helpful tips, and Larry’s farm tour was extremely informative. All this and a sense of community to boot! You have inspired us to cook with a sense of good health, nutrition, and fun! As we act on this new found wisdom, we will always remember the hospitality and charm of the Peaceful River Farm community. -Jackie T.”

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Make your reservation now for a private class with Lee

Having a private cooking class with Lee is exciting and inspiring.  Enjoy a unique experience along with the company of friends, family, or co-workers at any culinary skill level.   This is very popular with book clubs, garden clubs, gourmet groups, extended family gatherings, congregational groups, and great friends who enjoy learning, tasting, and having fun!


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