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Larry and Lee Interview on “Plant Yourself “Podcast>> with Howard Jacobson.

“All of our struggles and heartbreaks, gifts and opportunities, are part of what prepares us to make our unique contribution.”

Lee is a culinary educator, and Larry grows sustainable produce and fruit. What Lee loves most is creating and sharing delicious meals from those foods grown on their farm which enhance health and fight disease. As an 10 year out cancer survivor this has become a calling for Lee. She shares her passion through her healthy cooking classes held at Peaceful River Farm in Chapel Hill, NC as well as speaking publicly to groups about strategies for good health through cooking. The Newlin’s grow beautiful, sustainably grown produce that include an array of vegetables, berries, herbs, and edible flowers. These foods are the incubator for many of Lee’s creative and healthful recipes.

Larry’s thirty years in horticulture provide a foundation for sustainably growing fruits and vegetables. Classes and conferences have added to his knowledge base. Larry agrees with author/poet/farmer Wendell Berry, “What I stand for is what I stand on”.

The Newlin’s invitation to join them: “Wellness doesn’t just fall from the sky. The deliberate choices we make can create a vibrant and energy-filled existence. We all need motivation, inspiration, and information to broaden and deepen our commitment to obtaining optimum health. The key is in discovering and trying healthy, delicious foods that taste great for the whole family. We have to change our relationship with food as it is more about what we gain health-wise than what we give up! There really is a deep joy in healthy cooking. Plus it’s fun!