Foods to Fight Aches and Pains

| Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Include these to prevent or lessen inflammation

Some of the best remedies to overcome inflammation also taste fabulous in recipes highlighted in our classes (I can’t say that about any prescription medications). Plus, these foods won’t cause nasty side effects that some pain medications do.

1. Place high antioxidant foods at the top of your shopping list.  Fresh fruits (berries of all kinds) and vegetables, including the dark green leafy ones like the kale above are great sources.  They may help reduce tissue damage from inflammation as well.

2. Include ginger and turmeric in your recipes.  They are natural anti-inflammatory spices and make dishes so delicious.

3. Get enough omega-3s. The omega-3 fatty acids provided in walnuts have protective fats that may help in reducing inflammation.  Walnuts have the highest concentration and most potent polyphenols (that’s a good thing!) of all nuts.  Oily fish (such as wild Alaskan salmon) as well as freshly ground flax seed may help in lessening arthritis.

4. Cut back on refined sugar and flours as well as simple carbohydrates.

5. Seek the colorful super foods that deliver the nutrition your body is telling you it needs!

Stay warm and pain free this winter,     Lee