Water Brands

Water Brands - Know Which Ones Are Good

Water. It is something we all know as the substance of life and essentially need since we are made of up to 70% water. There are different water brands out in the world, and this article will discuss a few of them.

Alkaline Bottled Water Brands

Alkaline water is one of the healthier choices in water brands that you should be drinking. It detoxifies the body and cleanses the cells. This water provides the body with sufficient buffers to rid itself of acidic waste. This means it keeps the pH of the body balanced and comes with natural antioxidants so that the body can fight free radicals. In effect, this is one of the most body positive choices you could make in choosing water. Some famous alkaline bottled water brands are Alkalife-TEN, Evian, Volvic and Arrowhead. These can be found in stores and should be taken at proper quantities so that the body can adjust to it. It isn't the most common water and if taken too quickly or in excess can cause negative effects on the body.

Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Brands

Reverse osmosis waters are those void of minerals. Impurities are removed from the water so that it is clean for ingesting, but it can be very dangerous if the minerals are not replaced. This can lead to deficiences of magnesium and calcium in the body which leads to many illnesses.

There is also the issue that water prefers to have minerals and in that case, reverse osmosis water will absorb these minerals from within the joints and bones to be passed out in urine. It is therefore usually safer and cheaper to avoid this type of water.

Some reverse osmosis bottled water brands to look out for are Dasani, Great Value Walmart and Essentia. These water brands do have minerals added to them after having been reverse osmosis filtered so they are safer then plainly reverse osmosis water brands.

Water in Glass Bottles Brands

Water in glass bottles are said to be some of the safest water brands. Spain uses this practice mostly for bottling their water. It is chemically safer to drink from glass bottles than plastic bottles since it's been proven that nothing is added to or leached into the water from the bottle in comparison to plastic.

Length of time of exposure and broken glass are matters that should be looked at. It may be safer in terms of chemical constitution, but glass is far easier to break. This means that even though the risk is lessened on the inside of the body, a broken glass can do physical harm to the body and are thus not recommended for children and people with frail bodies.

Some water in glass bottles brands include Alain, Bentley, Virgin and Hildon.

These are a few brands of water that are common in the global community. Each comes with its benefits and risks and research should be done as to the best type of water for you since everyone differs in structure and chemical composition. Alkaline bottled water brands are healthy but carry the risk of negative side effects. Reverse osmosis bottled water brands have been rid of impurities but also much needed minerals. When getting these, it must always be made sure that minerals have been added back. Water in glass bottles brands don't carry the risk of water contamination like plastic, but if broken can carry risks of physical danger. It is the consumer's duty to research on the best water for them.

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